Frequently Asked Questions

Is QuickReceipts free to use?

Yes, QuickReceipts is completely free to use at the moment! We will add premium features down the road, but as of now, we're focused on building the best receipt app we can. All we ask in return is feedback to make the app better.

Why do you need access to my email?

We want to take the manual work out of managing your email receipts! By signing in with your email and granting the appropriate permissions, you can access your inbox and begin automatically importing your receipts to our app.

If I sign in with my email account, how do I know my data is protected?

We take your privacy and data very seriously. We built QuickReceipts with the latest encryption technology to ensure your data is protected on our platform. On-device processing also keeps your email data on your device, which offers another level of privacy and protection.

How are my receipts processed?

Your receipts are processed and created directly on your smartphone using our industry-first, on-device processing technology. Your receipt data is not processed in the cloud, like other receipt apps.

What is on-device processing?

On-device processing simply means your smartphone creates and processes data. This process allows your email data and other important data to remain on your device. We believe on-device processing is an important aspect to honoring consumer privacy.

How long will it take to process my receipts?

If you allow automatic imports, processing will begin immediately and may take up to 2-5 minutes, depending on how many receipts you have in your inbox. We’ll notify you when it’s ready!

Will your technology only find receipts in my inbox?

Our algorithm was designed to only searching for receipts in your inbox. Due to the hundreds of variations of eReceipts, we may occasionally pull in emails that are not a receipt. If that’s the case, you can easily delete them on your Receipts page on our app.

Why am I not receiving any notifications for new receipts?

First, check the Notifications setting to make sure it's turned on. If you're still not receiving any notifications after turning on the setting, it's likely due to the fact that your phone is on Low Battery mode. Unfortunately, Low Battery mode stops background processing on all apps, including our on-device processing for receipts. Simply turn off Low Battery mode, and your notifications for new receipts should come back.

What happens if I delete the QuickReceipts app from my phone?

When you delete the QuickReceipts app from your phone, your receipts and reports will also be deleted since they are linked to your device, not to an account you'd normally create in the cloud. Make sure to export any receipts you need before deleting the app.

Which email providers does QuickReceipts support?

QuickReceipts only supports Gmail at the moment. We plan to add support for other email services in the near future.

QuickReceipts missed an email receipt in my inbox. What can I do?

First, look at your Potential Receipts in the search filters. We likely couldn't find a price or were unsure if the email was a receipt. If it's not there, you can always access your inbox directly from the app to find your missing receipt.

What data does QuickReceipts collect about me?

An option for QuickReceipts for Android is certainly in the plans, but at the moment, we’re focused on building the best version of QuickReceipts on iOS.

Will QuickReceipts be available for Android devices?

We only collect your account information for account creation purposes and usage data to understand how we can improve the app. We don't sell any of this data, and we only use this limited data to enhance your user experience.